Intentionally Versatile


Tyler Ryan has been a radio, television, and print journalist and freelance writer since college, where he wrote the opinion piece "You're In The Right."  After his days of academia, Tyler branched out to television, having written for reality shows (Yes, sometimes there is a script), helped in website SEO efforts writing keyword rich text, has penned many television and radio scripts for companies, ad campaigns, slogans, and other creative projects.


Tyler also writes daily for the WACH Fox program Good Day Columbia, as well as serves as a reporter and journalist for the television station, covering stories ranging from crime to community and health.


He has been a writer for the Woman To Woman family of publications, with magazines in 7 cities in the southeast, including Lexington, Columbia, Greenville, and Charleston SC, Augusta and Savannah GA, and  Tampa FL for several years.  He also has written for Tampa's As I Be magazine, and several newspapers.


Tyler is also an active blogger, putting thoughts to the screen on several blogs, including The Consumer in Me, Making Superman, and his WACH Fox blog, perfectly titled "Tyler Ryan Has Issues."


Tyler can write scripts, provide articles for monthly publications, keyword rich web content, and more.  


Click HERE for some of his favorites.



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